Future Matrix Interventional
File Clerk
Future Matrix Interventional
Future Matrix Interventional
1650 Enterprise Street
75751 Athens , TX
Job Description: 

Tranferring storage files to an offsite facility.  Part time documentation.


Hours/Days of Work: 

Part-time - Approximately 20-25 hours a week.  Selected candidate will have flexible hours and should be free to choose hours and days of the week they would like to work.

Pay is $10.00 per hour

PTO and other benefits are not offered for part time.



Special Skills/Abilities/Knowledge: 
  • Must be self-motivated and self-managed.
  • Must be detail oriented, excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • This position will be the main contact  to the file storage company in Dallas.
  • Must be able to lift and move boxes/files from one area to another - short distances.
  • Organizing, labeling, and creating Excel spread sheet to track files that are sent to offsite storage facility.  When files are needed, they will contact the facility to retrieve those files.  It is important the information is accurate.