Mud Technology International, Inc.
Inventory Specialist
Mud Technology International, Inc.
Mud Technology International, Inc.
2610 State Hwy. 31 West
75751 Athens , TX
Job Description: 
The job of an Inventory Specialist involves administration, management and supervision. This is a specialized profile in which, an individual is required to multi-task and adjust to the workings of a dynamic environment. He/she is also liable to look into all inventory management functions while coordinating with internal as well as external sources of the organization.
Responsibilities Include: 
  • Coordinating inventory requirements and procurement details with vendors and customers.
  • Making inventory budgets and maintaining the stock ratio of the organization.
  • Supervising the inventory cycle counting.
  • Accounting and Reporting of inventory surplus, product returns, and any damages.
  • Evaluating the cost movement of company products and assessing the purchase and invoice details.
  • Replenishing stock in the warehouse and filling of order forms.
  • Forecasting and estimating the potential stock requirements, based on sale reports.
  • Tracking the transportation and distribution of inventory.
  • Maintaining and overseeing the records of all stocks and compiling evaluation reports.
  • Conducting a daily/weekly/monthly audit of inventory.  Management will determine timeliness of audit as inventory gets established.
  • Works closely with Purchasing Agent to establish Min/Max amounts necessary for customer orders and vendor supplies needed throughout the year.
  • Assists Accounts Payable with auditing inventory and matching receivers and invoices to ensure inventory is correct.
  • Collaborate with warehouse employees and other staff to ensure all policies are being followed, procedures are up to date and appropriate for the normal course of business, and devise systems that are conducive to the most productive work environment. 
  • Reporting for weekly production meetings.
  • Bachelor’s degree in administration, material management, logistics, supply chain or any related field from an accredited institution.  OR
  • Post Graduate degree in supply chain, retail, operations, inventory management or any related field, with a minimum 2 year’s experience in inventory management.
Special Skills/Abilities/Knowledge: 
  • Knowledge of using barcode equipment.
  • Knowledge of operating a PC and working on inventory software and programs, working specifically with QuickBooks
  • Should possess strong calculative and analytical skill sets.
  • Ability and effectiveness to manage time to meet required deadlines.
  • Good written and verbal communiqué expertise for networking and synchronizing work.
  • Management experience required