Athens Economic Development Corporation-Overview

In 1990, Athens voters approved the creation of a 4A (now Type A) Economic Development Corporation to support economic development projects and economic growth for Athens residents, through the collection of a dedicated 1/2 cent sales tax. In 2005, AEDC was changed to a Type B Corporation, to allow for economic and community development projects. AEDC receives its revenue from this tax and awards grant funds for industrial projects, as well as community and retail projects that benefit the community, support economic development and showcase the city of Athens.

AEDC offers two types of community development grant programs:

Business Assistance Grant Program-​ Designed to provide up to an 80% matching grant, with a maximum of $12,500, to property/business owners located along the west and north corridor of Athens who are looking to improve distressed properties. Improvements include demolition, landscaping, parking lot repairs, painting, facade improvements, etc. Download the guidelines and application, or contact AEDC at 903.675.4617. Watch the video below to learn more.

Community Development Grant Program-​ Designed to provide grants for eligible projects which promote sports, cultural, entertainment and community projects that attract tourism and contribute to quality of life, business development and growth of Athens sales tax revenue. Eligible projects must create an economic impact on the city of Athens. Download the guidelines and application, or contact AEDC at 903.675.4617.